Yellow headed Amazon Limited edition print Ian Griffiths World Parrot Trust

The ancient Palm - Yellow headed Amazons

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As large trees decay, they take on a new life providing suitable nest sites for wildlife such as these Yellow-Headed Amazons (Amazona oratrix). Enjoy a glimpse into the forests of the Amazon with this lovely print by artist Ian Griffiths. With less than 7,000 individuals left, the Yellow-Headed Amazons are Endangered in the wild. The World Parrot Trust has partnered with the Belize Bird Rescue centre to aid in the rehabilitation and release of confiscated parrots, as well as supporting efforts to protect the Yellow-headed Amazon. 

  • Print type: Giclee
  • Editions size, all sizes: 100
  • Dimensions (Approximate print size): 19 x 22.5/ 7 x 10.5 inches
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