Sirocco -  Kakapo

Sirocco - Kakapo

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Kakapo ( Strigops Habroptilus ) are like all parrots and cockatoo’s, hugely engaging. However there are marked differences between them and most others, being flightless, nocturnal, the heaviest, ( up to 4kg ) and probably one of the longest living birds. They are typical of bird evolution on oceanic islands, completely ill equiped to deal with introduced predators, including man. Prior to human settlement it’s estimated that there were over 100,000 birds, by the 1990’s there were 51. For a variety of reasons Kakapo are difficult breeders but through heroic efforts there are at this moment 208 birds. 72 were added in 2019, the most successful breeding season ever, though there were still many difficulties and a number of deaths.
Sirocco bonded with humans during his youth and is affectionately known as the Kakapo “Spokesbird’. He has been able to occasionally travel around New Zealand raising awareness of Kakapo and conservation more generally, a sort of meet and greet. Recently he seemed to express an opinion on this job and vanished into the underbrush of his island home for two years. This caused considerable alarm however he recently reappeared and had the lost tracking device replaced. Sirocco is 20 years old.


  • Print type: Giclee
  • Hahnemuhle Museum etching paper 350gm
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