Red tailed black Cockatoos original painting Ian Griffiths World Parrot Trust

High in the Jarrah - Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos

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You can almost hear the Red-tailed Black Cockatoos as they make their way high in the tree canopy of the Jarrah and other Eucalyptus trees of Australia.  Ian Griffiths shares his fascination with these beautiful birds in this original oil painting. These nomadic birds travel inland during the wet season, moving to where food is abundant. Large flocks of up to 2,000 birds gather where they find a lot of food, creating a large amount of leaf, twig and branch litter beneath trees where they feed.

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  • Medium: Oil
  • Size (unframed): 19.7 X 27.5  inches
  • Substrate: Stretched canvas
  • Framed: On request
  • Print available: Yes