African grey Parrot Limited edition print Ian Griffiths World Parrot Trust

Interaction - African Grey Parrots

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Foraging in the natural palm trees of Africa, these African Grey Parrots are constantly interacting with each other, as illustrated by wildlife artist Ian Griffiths. Famous for their ability to mimic the sounds of other birds and mammals, gregarious Greys also express themselves with a variety of whistles, squawks, shrieks, and screams when at rest and in flight. The World Parrot Trust has been working hard to protect African Greys in their natural habitat by ending illegal trading and returning these intelligent creatures back to the wild. 

  • Print type: Giclee
  • Editions size, all sizes: 250
  • Dimensions (Approximate print size): 11.5 x 16/ 7 x 10.5  inches
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