African grey parrot original painting Ria winters World Parrot Trust

African Grey Parrot

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Adorn your walls with this exquisitely detailed African Grey, an original watercolour painting by Ria Winters. Formerly widespread through much of Africa, the African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus) is prized for its remarkable intelligence and ability to mimic human speech. Unfortunately, it's rise in popularity has put the African Grey species in need of protection, as it is now endangered due to trapping for the wild pet trade. Conservation organizations like the World Parrot Trust are working to prevent illegal trade and release captive individuals back to their natural habitat.

  • Medium: Watercolour
  • Size (unframed):  14.2 X  18.9 in (36 x 48 cm)
  • Substrate: Tinted Bockingford watercolour paper
  • Framed: No
  • Print available: No