2019 World Parrot Trust Calendar (artists edition)
2019 World Parrot Trust Calendar (artists edition)

2019 World Parrot Trust Calendar (artists edition)

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The diverse world of parrots is beautifully captured in the 2019 Artist’s Edition Calendar, created solely to benefit the World Parrot Trust’s global conservation efforts. Each artwork is brought into being through a combination of the artist’s passion for birds, and a deep knowledge of their natural surroundings and behaviour.

Featured artists have generously donated their time and skill in order to benefit parrot conservation.


Peter Slater (cover)

Dr. Jeremy Paul

Kitty Harvill

Peta Boyce

Penny Meakin

Elizabeth Butterworth

Ria Winters

Ian Griffiths

Cynthia Kulp

Chris Maynard

Elizabeth Cogley

Feature Page

Palm Cockatoo

Blossom-headed Parakeets

Vinaceous Amazons

Pale-headed Rosellas

Meyer’s Parrots

Citron-crested Cockatoo

Newton's Parakeet

Scarlet Macaw in Copan
Golden Conure

Red-Bellied Parrots

Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Major Mitchell Cockatoos

Proceeds from this calendar will be used to fund international conservation efforts through research, outreach and education, and through direct action to preserve fragile ecosystems and parrot populations. With one in three parrots under threat in the wild, every effort must be made to protect them.

300mm sq (12 inches sq) folded. 300x600 mm (12x24 inches) open