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Birds hold a fascination that has been with wildlife artist, Ian Griffiths, since he was a child, particularly the colourful parrot family. "Griff" has travelled the world for many years, mainly in tropical and sub tropical regions, where his interest with parrots came to the forefront. Adding to his knowledge of wildlife and its environment, Griff uses this experience to paint with accuracy and feeling.

Griff employs different styles and mediums depending on the subject and how he wants to portray them. He typically uses watercolour and inks for sketching and study paintings, and oils and acrylics for more detail and habitat paintings. Griff does not seek to achieve photorealism, preferring to capture his subjects character rather than every feather. In fact, some of his very loose work can be quite abstract and textured.


Griff strongly believes that all art can make a difference to conservation. By sharing how he interprets his subject through art, Griff asks the observer to take a fresh look at nature through a different pair of eyes.







  • Featured in Parrot related publications in the UK, USA, Australia and Netherlands
  • Co-illustrator. 'Field guide to the birds of Honduras'
  • Winner BBC Wildlife 'Animals in their Environment'
  • Runner-up in the World Birds category
  • David Shepherd Wildlife artist of the year finalist
  • Winner Wildlife Art Society Founders Award and St Cuthbert's Mill Best Work on Paper
  • Exhibitions in several countries