Great Green  Macaw Limited edition print Ian Griffiths World Parrot Trust

Great Green Macaw Portrait

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Endangered in the wild, the magnificent Great Green Macaw is in need of our protection. With populations reduced in half over the last 50 years, the World Parrot Trust has worked alongside numerous partners to help bring this species back from the brink of extinction.

Artist Ian Griffiths captures the beauty of this big bird, who is among the largest in the parrot family, weighing in at nearly 4 pounds (1300 g). Less gregarious than other large macaws, the Great Green Macaw is found in pairs and groups of 3-4 birds. They tend to rest and forage in the upper areas of canopy where they are less obvious, flying long distances to reach feeding areas where they enjoy a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, flowers, bulbs, roots and bark. 

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